my name is rick and i like to party


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why cant i just plug myself into a charger


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i have the best taste in clothes im just too poor to prove it

“We’re all trying to forget someone.”

Six Word Story (via fearlessknightsandfairytales)


Enyce - “Life Good” (Soda Pop)

Dir. & Prod. by @DGainzBeats

DGainz keeps hitting us off with dope material that he has either directed, recorded or produced…and this is yet another dope track that has his sound all over it! Enyce is the Sound of Young Chicago Hip Hop! Peep!

Written by DGainz & Enyce
Added freestyle lyrics by Wiz Khalifa


© 2014 Distinguished Gorillaz Records

Please watch!

Pappa been laid off
Mamma been laid off
Billy can’t get a job
For too long, too long
Don’t let them lose
We gotta give them a chance
It’s gonna come back on everyone
If you don’t make them dance
Don’t let them stay home and listen to the blues 


talking to white people about racism